Frequently Asked Questions

We issue a ‘Budget Estimate’ initially, which is a 4-page document generally outlining what is involved with the construction of your new development based on the information we receive. If you are happy with the ‘Budget Estimate’ price, a fully comprehensive ‘Quotation’ can then be issued. This is a 16-page document that gives you a trade-by-trade detailed inclusion list & fixed price for your project.

No, we are a full custom-build company and do not offer any standard plans. The work we undertake has the plans for each project copyrighted to the client or architect/designer.

No, we do not, but we can recommend a few local designers who work closely with our company and are very reasonably priced and produce a good set of drawings that we know can be built with little trouble.

No, we do not offer this service as it can be extremely time-consuming. We feel this is better achieved by your local selected architect/designer to ensure the approval process can be efficiently managed.

Yes, we do, we provide a “turn-key” quotation which is generally fully inclusive and when we reach completion the dwellings are ready for occupation.

Yes, you can supply your own products and Hunter Coast Homes will install them for you. They must however comply with Australian Standards, and you will need additional personal insurance cover for owner supplied products in case damage or theft was to occur, HCH cannot insure owner supplied products.

No, we believe that you should source a colour consultant externally if required. Naturally, we can assist and discuss many selections with you, but we offer an opinion only as our staff are not qualified in this area.

No, we do not, we only build to completion.

No, we can customise inclusions to suit your project. If you would prefer to upgrade from our standard range, you can choose your products and we can either include them in your contract or you can add them as a Variation either with HCH or directly with the supplier.

HCH must be provided with a full set of approved construction drawings and documentation. This means that the drawings submitted to HCH must be ready to go into Council or have already gone to Council for DA approval. Engineering plans must also be provided as well as any other information that is considered relevant to the pricing of the project. HCH cannot provide a fixed and firm quotation from hand-drawn or concept plans.

We focus on our core business strengths which is multi-unit developments and villas along with custom duplexes, we do not price single home builds anymore.

No. Due to WHS regulations, clients are not permitted to enter HCH job sites unless the visit is organised with a site supervisor or representative of HCH. You will also need to be site inducted prior to any on-site meetings. Construction keys are issued to trades and employees only unless prior approval has been agreed to and arranged. HCH does however encourage regular on-site meetings with owners.

This is a difficult question to answer accurately due to the individuality of each multi-unit development. Generally, 36 – 40 weeks is what we strive for on most of our projects. It is in our interest to ensure building times are kept to a minimum and projects are completed quickly.

The products and materials used are determined by the plans and internal/external finishes schedules we are working from that have been provided to us by the owner.

Being a custom builder, we can usually accommodate most types of building sites and the characteristics and challenges that the site may present to us.

The ‘HIA NSW Residential Building Contract for New Dwellings’. This contract has served us well during our 28 years of trading and it is also very client friendly as well.

After you have paid your 5% deposit, we then submit a monthly trade percentage progress claim on or about the 20th of each month, these claims are then paid by the end of that same month. This is also called a “cost to complete” claim process so you are always confident that you are not overpaying for works that have not been completed on site.

We strongly recommend that you don’t, but we are very mindful that the client’s requirements can alter or change during construction. If you do make any changes, they must be authorised by HCH with any cost adjustments and Extensions of Time being issued in writing to the client for approval. All changes must be advised in writing in lieu of verbal instructions.

Generally, all product and material selections are provided to HCH by the owner at the tender stage of the project. We do have a preferred supplier list that can be provided if necessary.

Our staff are available at any time during office hours. You will also have a supervisor allocated to your project and you will be given his direct mobile number. HCH will also send out a weekly construction update for your project advising what works have occurred, what works are happening in the following week and general information relating specifically to your development.

All residential villa and townhouse constructions must have an HBCF warranty certificate issued. This warranty covers you for 2 years statutory warranty on your project and an additional 4 years for any major defect issues. The total warranty period for a project is 6 years.

No, we do not issue this certificate unless we have included the same in your quote at your request. Your nominated PCA will issue this certificate upon completion of the building works.